My photography training & experience provide my clients with beautiful portraits for generations to enjoy.

In the days of everyone being a photographer, it's even more important to choose someone who has a background of experience and training.

You don't want to look back on your portraits and say, "Well, they weren't great, but I guess they were OK.", because every time you look at those portraits on your wall, you'll be reminded of the money you spent and have that sinking feeling in your stomach knowing they could have and should have been done better...by someone with proper training and experience.

I have that training and that experience. 

I began this journey in my high school darkroom. Through the years I've studied business in college, managed a camera store and photo lab, and I've traveled to many cities east of the Mississippi for photography schools and seminars. Those schools and seminars are where I learned the best techniques, found the best products, and met other photographers with whom I continue to learn and share my journey. 


My experience enables me to visualize concepts to reveal the best portrait for you.

Whether you're shopping for senior portraits that showcase your child's personality, looking for a special memory to commemorate your child's favorite sport, or looking for team and senior banners for your athletic team, we'll discuss what you're looking to create and I'll make it happen.


A full service studio where you'll be guided and helped through the process.

From your first phone call through the time that you pick up your finished portraits, you'll have friendly service resulting in quality finished products to enhance your home.


You begin with the choice of a studio setting, outdoor setting, or both. 

Outdoor portraits are beautiful and natural. But really, everyone deserves a good studio portrait at least once in their life.

The controlled lighting and studio conditions create beautiful timeless portraits that will stand the test of time.


After your session, your final products are printed and created by professional printing labs and delivered in beautiful packaging for your own little feel of Christmas upon pick up. 


If you're looking for something special, I can have almost anything made from your portrait session. Many of my senior packages include items like beautiful keepsake books of your session, framed portraits, party invitations/graduation announcements, and even a family portrait session! It's one stop shopping to save you the hassle of doing it yourself.