You'll find that I'm not one to go on about myself on my business social media, but I think it's important for people to get to know their photographer. So, I invite you to use the snapcode here to follow my Snapchat story. There you'll find a mix of my family and business life, where you'll see that I'm a pretty down to earth person.

However, if you're not into Snapchat, feel free to read on...


Meet the Purcells...

 This is the crew that keeps everything so many ways.


is the primary photographer and person that you'll be dealing with in most of your experiences with Jeanie Purcell Photography. She travels to attend seminars and classes taught by the nations leading photographers and Photoshop experts to ensure that you will have truly unique portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime. She's an active member of the community, having helped with various organizations through the years such as Minersville Youth Soccer, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and teaching religious education classes.


helps with various tasks and assists as a second talent behind the camera to capture images from a second perspective. He also attends seminars to stay up to date with current photography ideas.


assists Jeanie on shoots for team and league photography with set-up and tear-down as well as handling paperwork. John has a keen eye behind the camera and enjoys nature photography.

Marlena & Madolyn

both help on location shoots when needed.

Dean & Marilyn

may very well be the people who greet you at the door. They both help with the littlest of subjects who might be somewhat shy in front of the camera. They'll play with the little clients and help them feel more comfortable in preparation for their portrait session.

Boone & Brody

are the adorable Shih-Tzu (Boone) and the super loveable Rescue-Mix? (Brody) who will be so excited and want to greet you! 

Our family looks forward to getting to know and working with your family.