Custom Cards and Cards for Covid19 Heroes

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"I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."

- Nelson Mandela


I have always enjoyed sending greeting cards, which is why I decided years ago to use a greeting card company that allows me to customize the cards and have them mailed directly from the printer to the recipient. It's just been my thing.

And as I sit here at home and see essential personnel like my husband, my daughter, my neighbor, and my son's girlfriend, heading out to work every day in this pandemic, I see their struggles, their stress, and their courage. That is what prompted me to do what I can to help them through this time. When these essential personnel come home exhausted, both physically and emotionally from work, they can be greeted with a card in their mail that reminds them how important and strong they really are. 

But there are so many more out there who are doing the same, and I'd like to help their family and friends put a smile on their faces. If you know someone who is essential personnel and you would like them to receive a card, fill out the form by clicking here or on one of the pictures below.  There you will provide the info I need to send them a  card, as well as upload a picture of them to be added to the card if you'd like. The best part is that your name will be included in the closing of the card - so they'll know that you are thinking of them. There is no cost to you or the recipient for this - I'm covering the cost of the card and stamp.

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