Senior Rep Program


What is the Senior Rep Program?

The Senior Rep Program allows one or two juniors from each school district to earn a free senior portrait session! In return, they spread the word about Jeanie Purcell Photography to their friends in their school (or friends in other schools too!)

Who qualifies for the Senior Rep Program?

Candidates must be in the Class of 2021, they must have a positive demeanor and social media presence. 


What does a Senior Rep get?

Senior Rep can earn a free senior portrait session in studio, on location (saving you up to $200!) name it! It'll be a blast, so they need to be ready for fun! They are provided with cool photo items with their portraits on them to to hand out to friends to spread the word, as well as the possibility of being featured in other marketing materials! I'm also working on a larger incentive for the top senior rep...but I'm still working on those details.

What schools do you need students from?

There are no geographic boundaries - different town, county or state - it makes no difference.


How do I know if I qualify to be a Senior Rep?

Fill out the "Schedule a Reminder" form and when I send reminders to the Class of 2021 in the spring, it'll have the info you need.

Why do we take the portraits so early?

Actually, everyone should be making the call to schedule their senior portraits in April or May so they can get appointments to have them done in time for their yearbook. Often times, people don't realize that and wait until it's too late to get scheduled (this past year, I was booked for the entire summer by the beginning of July!) And let's face it, for those who go to schools where there are no yearbook photo deadlines to work by, fall and winter portraits in your senior year are just downright difficult to make happen: sports are in full swing and daylight is minimal. Late spring and early summer is ideal.

By having yours done a month or two before your friends make their calls, you can spread the word and hand out the awesome cards that we give you with your portraits on them!

How do I apply to be a Senior Rep?

Complete the "Schedule a Reminder" form, choose the Senior Rep Option and I'll mail the info to you in the spring.